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I help entrepreneurs just like you grow their businesses!

I get calls from Retail Entrepreneurs asking for help. Here's a sample of what I hear...maybe some of it sounds familiar to you?

  • I need to grow my sales to improve my bottom line in order to pay myself more and nothing I do seems to help
  • I’m overwhelmed with marketing and advertising options and don’t know where to start and what will drive my sales
  • My customers only want to buy when I have a sale
  • I have cash flow problems and need to pay for inventory
  • I can’t find any staff that can sell or care about the business the way I do
  • My sales are good but I know there is more business out there and want to get to the next level”

And many common challenges I find with my clients:

  • You don’t have the time to work on your business because you are too busy working in your business
  • You don’t have support and strategy that works for YOU
  • You’ve never done a proper strategy with an expert
  • Can’t get out of your business to attend conferences, or meet up with other entrepreneurs
  • Don’t have the time to watch videos and complete workbooks
  • Reading books won’t give you the actionable support you crave

What I Want For You

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I want you to be able to:

  • Focus On The Fun Parts of the business
  • Do what you love
  • Pay yourself more
  • Run your business more productively and efficiently

My passion is to help Retail Entrepreneurs, just like YOU, grow your business, rock your sales and make profits soar!!

Hi! I’m Lisa Hutcheson and I am the creator of Retail Entrepreneur Accelerator Program, a retail growth method that maximizes retail profits by focusing and optimizing operations, training, marketing, HR, and finance into ONE highly integrated productivity machine.

I am retail expert, certified coach and entrepreneur. I’ve been where you are. I began my career working on the sales floor and worked my way up through the ranks and have done just about every job in retail including running a company managing a team of more than 5,000 employees.
Today my passion and focus of my practice continues to be on making retail a great career and supporting businesses to be profitable and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

I’m known for:

  • Driving sales and profits
  • Delivering improved customer experiences
  • Build employee relationships and teams
  • Innovation and reinvention

I am a frequent contributor and speaker on all things retail and featured regularly including:

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Even the most successful entrepreneurs need a support system. Leverage the experience of other entrepreneurs committed to growing their business in a confidential setting.


That’s why I created the Retail Entrepreneur Accelerator Program…to help you grow your business, propel your sales and boost your profits!

Being in this very special program includes being part of an elite Mastermind of like-minded retail entrepreneurs that will help you grow your business, stay current on operating practices and marketing idea, perfect your leadership skills and create a roadmap to fulfill your business vision. Most importantly, they will become your trusted go-to network. Many of my clients continue to collaborate with the other members for years.


"Thank you so much! We were super happy with the process and recommendation you created with us. It was exactly what we were looking for and we are very pleased with where we are today! Well done to you and thanks once again for being so awesome to work with. It was a pleasure for me!" – Christin B.


  • A Certified Business Coach and Retail Expert (me!)
  • Weekly Coaching and Mastermind Group calls (via Skype and Go-to-Mtg)
  • Brilliant Mastermind Group (Intimate group of Entrepreneurs with a max of 10 participants)
  • 3 months of unlimited support

The Program Includes:

  • Deep Discovery Call ($500 Value)
  • Retail Entrepreneur Accelerator Kick Start Session ($500 Value)
  • Actionable Business Strategy ($1,500)
  • 12 Weekly Mastermind calls ($3,000)
  • 1 Q&A/Hot Seat Session ($1,000 Value)
  • Monthly 1×1 private calls with Lisa ($1,500)
  • Guest experts to support your journey ($2,000)
  • Access to private training programs ($2,000)
  • Weekly Accountability Pod and Mastermind Support (Priceless)

You’ll also have access to these bonuses:

  • Free Fascination Assessment
  • Lifetime Access to Private Facebook group - 24.7 Support
  • Access to my network of retail and business experts

Total Value: $12,500+


Or 3 monthly payments of $1250


Note that there is an application to join The Retail Entrepreneur Accelerator Program because I'm sure just like me, you want the best group of entrepreneurs in this program. Those who are committed and serious about their progress so that the synergy of the group is strong and the results will be phenomenal. It is also important to my clients that they are not in a group with their key competitors so we use this filter to ensure privacy.