Retail Consulting


Retail clients across a variety of industries, from fashion and footwear, to hospitality, jewellery and sporting goods, have engaged LHR’s trusted expertise in a variety of roles. The team can benchmark to practice, turn insights into current trends to deliver objective-aligned solutions that help differentiate businesses, and create transformational change.

Examples of clients include:
  • Boutiques
  • Main Streets
  • Shopping Centres


Retail is everywhere today, not just on main streets or shopping centres. Rather, retail is an important element of mixed-use office buildings, healthcare, higher education campuses and transportation hubs.

Retail can enhance your customer experience, provide much needed services to staff and generate new sources of revenue for the institution.

Industries that we work with include:


21st century retail landscape is transforming at a rapid pace. Technology, design, logistics, omni-channel and customer experience are being delivered to your customer in new business models. Moreover, the customer is expecting the retailer to meet their expectations. LHR tracks the latest concepts and trends. We can help your business navigate in many ways.

  • Re-invention
  • Transformation
  • New Business Models
  • Workshops and Speeches

People, Training and E-learning


LHR is the Canadian partner of 6one5 Retail Consulting, which is a specialist management consultancy, instructional design, and training business that focuses on improving sales productivity for clients. 6one5 has been in the retail learning and development business for over 18 years internationally and brings to the table an enormous amount of proven results in the retail and consumer goods industry around retail sales manager and associate enablement and benchmarking across multiple geographies.

6one5 is a philosophy that said if you:

  • Improve sales by 6%,
  • Improve margins by 1%, and
  • Reduce costs by 5% (typically here we focus on developing or better selection of staff and rostering)

You can double the profits. Small changes in sales, margins and costs substantially uplift profits.

To do this, we focus on empowering store managers to enable and develop their staff. We are famous for our Mini MBA of Retail Store Management and our associate sales and visual merchandise programs.

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Lisa is a certified Fascination Advisor who administers the unique program, How To Fascinate®, developed by world-class branding expert and best-selling author Sally Hogshead. Lisa employs the the science-based personality and behavioural assessments to help evaluate the unique advantages that differentiate individuals, and team members, in order to build a more powerful team and company.

Lisa offers training options tailored to large and small organizations, including full-day and half-day workshops. Read our Fascination Brochure.

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Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of human capital, and creating high performance professionals are Lisa’s raisons d’être. Lisa offers her experience, expertise, advice and guidance to help organizations improve skills in the areas of customer service, customer relations and sales.


Lisa Hutcheson is a seasoned trainer and facilitator.



Project Management

Projects can be complex and overwhelming. LHR offers customized project management solutions. As a seasoned project manager, Lisa Hutcheson creates and executes project plans aligned with objectives. She identifies required resources, assigns individual responsibilities and oversees all day-to-day project details. Lisa also prepares and monitors cost plans and project milestones, timelines and budgets, and prepares all supporting communications/reporting documentation to ensure optimum outcomes.

LHR services include:

  • Defining Scope and Set-Up
  • Timing & Budget
  • Execution
  • End-toEnd Project Management