LHR Consultants is a highly sought after retail consultancy specializing in specialty retail, coaching, training and e-learning.  

Led by Lisa Hutcheson, she uses her extensive experience in developing strategy, optimizing people and driving revenue. 

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Retail Consulting

With decades of experience in retail consulting, LHR provides transformational solutions that drive bottomline results for retailers across a variety of industries in both traditional to non-traditional retail settings.

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People and E-learning

Personal and professional development has never been more relevant in today’s highly competitive market.  LHR has several options – e-learning, apps and in person – for customer service, store management, team-building programs, personality and behavioural assessments, and coaching and mentoring.

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project management

Project Management

Your team is ready to implement a new initiative, but who has the time to oversee the success and timely execution? LHR offers customized Project Management solutions, and executes project plans aligned with objectives.

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The Mission

To create a remarkable experience for your customer and extraordinary profits for your stakeholders.


People and training

LHR offers experience, expertise,
advice and guidance to help
organizations improve skills in the areas
of customer service, customer
relations and sales… More
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Innovation and Reinvention


Technology, design, logistics, omni-channel
and customer experience are being
delivered to your customer in new
business models. LHR can help
your business navigate…More

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General Retail


The LHR team can benchmark to best
practice and turn insights into current trends
to deliver objective-aligned solutions that help
differentiate businesses, and create
transformational change…. More

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How to fascinate


Lisa is a certified Fasciation Advisor
who administers the unique
program, How To Fascinate®.
Lisa offers unique training
options…. More


Non-traditional retail


Retail is an important element of
mixed-use office buildings, healthcare,
higher education campuses and
transportation hubs… More

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Project Management


Projects can be complex and
overwhelming. Lisa offers customized
project management solutions for
businesses of all sizes… More


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