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Retail Entrepreneur Accelerator Program

A Program Created to Propel Your Retail Sales and Boost Your Profits

...without spending hours doing workbooks and attending conferences and workshops that only take you away from your business.

Are you a retail entrepreneur:

  • Struggling with sales, inventory, HR issues, marketing, location or store design?
  • You want to talk to a retail expert or other entrepreneurs but not sure how to find the right help?
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About the program

In this program, you will discover the exact formula to go from lagging sales, chasing competitors, or working hard for little, to standing out, creating raving fan customers and having your tills consistently ringing.

You will get the tools and support that enable you to:

  • Propel sales and impact profits dramatically
  • Focus on the fun parts of the business
  • Pay yourself more
  • Run your business more effectively


Retail Consulting

Retail clients across a variety of industries, from fashion and footwear, to hospitality, jewellery and sporting goods, have engaged LHR’s trusted expertise in a variety of roles. The team can benchmark to practice, turn insights into current trends to deliver objective-aligned solutions that help differentiate businesses, and create transformational change.

Retail Training, eLearning and Apps

We believe mobile & eLearning is one-tenth of the cost and twice as effective as traditional face to face retail learning.

Our eLearning courses can help you produce great results by decreasing training costs and improving business performance.

Training is broken down into short modules that can be implemented over a 3 month period. And training can be rolled out with reports managed from a head office level.

The Fascination System

Lisa is a certified Fascination Advisor who administers the unique program, How To Fascinate®, developed by world-class branding expert and best-selling author Sally Hogshead.

Project Management

Projects can be complex and overwhelming. LHR offers customized project management solutions. As a seasoned project manager, Lisa Hutcheson creates and executes project plans aligned with objectives.


Lisa Hutcheson is a highly sought after retail expert and business coach with extensive experience in operations, strategy, project management and human resources.


She is also the creator of the Retail Entrepreneur Accelerator Program, a retail growth method and mastermind group that maximizes retail profits by focusing and optimizing operations, training, marketing, HR, and finance into ONE highly integrated productivity machine.  

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